In todays ever-changing hip hop scene,  many artists struggle to establish their musical identity, constantly trying on different musical styles like a piece of clothing, looking to find what fits. But there are others that emerge fully formed, in full command of their craft, their identity and their music. M.Ez fits firmly in the latter category. His new mix-tape, The Ez Life, is a captivating and personal release that heralds the arrival of a gifted and significant new talent, one whose music feels familiar in the best possible way, while establishing its own identity.

A jersey boy who spent most of his childhood in Neptune, near Asbury park dreamed of becoming a professional athlete but always maintained a love for music and often enjoyed rhyming for his close friends and partaking in school yard battles.  He explains "I always loved to rap, I really enjoyed finding witty ways to tell stories that were relatable to my peers, but felt I never really had the resources to peruse a music career". Shortly after graduating high school he attended Lackawanna college in Scranton pa to study education and play football. While away at school he became friends with a couple of other students who also rapped and made music from there dorm rooms. With the equipment right in front of him, ez took full advantage and released a Mix-tape that featured himself along side other students from his dorm that quickly earned him a name around campus and also created quite a buzz back home in jersey. Spending more and more time rapping and creating concepts, his marks in school were suffering, consequently leading him to be dismissed from the football team as well as the college. Without school and ball  Ez found himself at a cross roads not really sure what his future had in store for him. he recalls this time in his life explaining  " failing out of school was one of my lowest points in life up to that point, that was tough for me. I felt like maybe college wasn't for me, and maybe football just wasn't going to be my destiny after all. With Me being the type of person i am i took that as a sign" and at that Moment He decided to pick up the mic and never put it down. 

Shortly after being dismissed from college Ez set his sights on the rap game and relocated himself to Florida in hopes to capitalize on the growing hip hop scene down in Miami. 

ez went to work, building a mix shift studio in his apartments closet Ez began writing and recording music relentlessly. After six months of recording and mixing his own tracks, Ez resurfaced with a 12 track Mix-tape titled hip hops home. The tapes concept and mission was to deliver a collection of music that was reminiscent of late 90's hip hop. Although Mdot had released tapes before, this was clearly his first official release as an artist. 


 Now With material in hand ez hit the road with a self funded ten show tour which included stops in NJ and NYC respectfully. The tour was a success, receiving great reviews from hip hoppers and fans across the tri-state area. Now with a growing fan base and the confidence of a veteran rapper Ez was poised to take total control over the new jersey rap scene. At this same time, with all his new excitement about his career, Ez also welcomed a new addition to his family, his first child a baby boy. Once again ez found himself at a fork in the road. Although he put in tremendous work to build an up north following, Ez couldn't walk away from the family he started for himself in the south. Now with a new baby, and an evident motivation to provide for his child Ez took his music to the streets of the south. Not knowing what to expect Ez took a chance with his up north rhyme style and started hitting stages in south Florida.

While performing in west palm beach, ez caught the eye of independent recording company Mbassy records. Shortly after meeting, Ez became close with a couple of there artist and also featured on some of the labels releases. Ez says " yeah I treated that whole situation like a try out or an audition. Any track they let me do I tried to destroy it.  I was hungry, i needed something to go my way. With a new baby, and bills to pay i felt  like the pressure was on." after months of playing the affiliate role and capitalizing on the free studio time the label provided, Mbassy and ez ink a deal that would ensure him with the resources he needed to make a serious push towards this hip hop game.

Now signed to a recording contract and management by Canon Boys and Team Hartwell, M.Ez is currently in the studio, working tirelessly on his latest effort the ez life. Ez says " I think this is the one, i really put my all into this one. The people who have been there from the beginning will appreciate my growth as an artist on this project." So despite a late start to his inspiring career, and many obstacles to overcome it is still clear to see that Mdot possess the right attitude and hunger necessary to make a splash in the entertainment business. 

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